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Here is NEWS that was mailed to my readers on January 9, 1999:-

January 9, 1999



Barbadian Smokers Must Pay More


Barbadian smokers will now pay from 20 to 91 cents more for cigarettes and

from 60 cents to $1.40 more for cigars. This is as a result of settlements

of outstanding health claims in the USA, which has cost the industry

US$206 billion.

NOW is the time to do yourself (and Barbados) a favor and QUIT smoking.... I

did it years ago... and so can you... you will feel better... live longer..

and enjoy life more fully... and (once you get through withdrawl) you

WONT BE SORRY you quit !!!!!! (in fact, you will wonder why you ever smoked

in the first place)

Omen For Owen


In the Lowdown, Richard Hoad claims that Mike Sealy told him of a dream he

had of Owen Arthur sitting in Church and eating sardines... in the dream,

he threw the empty tin on the floor and then got up and exhorted the

congregation with a loud voice to read Acts 14:22

The interpretation of all this, according to Hoad, is that Owen is trying to

do the right thing with God's guidance although tempted by worldly lusts (the

sardines)... he threw away the tin.. i.e. rid himself of the bad influence

however the emphasis on Acts 14:22 suggests that there are real rough times 

ahead and he knows it.

Well... in a land where dreams are usually taken seriously... this may be

believed... however, the rest of Richard Hoad's article... is the ramblings

of one who has been sucking up too much goat milk (or something stronger ?)

on the hills of St. Andrew.

You are exhorted to read Acts 14:22... in fact, the WHOLE BIBLE.... don't say

I didn't warn you.

The Silly Season


In the USA, millions of dollars are being spent trying to impeach President

Clinton... who, allegedly, told a few lies and attempted to "obstruct"


Here in Barbados, lots of money is spent on the St. Joseph Hospital Inquiry,

which has discovered that Branford Taitt, apparently used air-conditioners

intended for the hospital at his house... and that's just the tip of the

iceberg as far as Mr. Taitt's "activity" is concerned... "discrepancies"


To the general public, Branford Taitt, should be in JAIL...

But Branford Taitt has offered himself for re-election to the people of

St. Michael West as a DLP candidate !!! Can you believe that ???? and what I

find even MORE amusing is that BLP hopeful for that area is the REVEREND

Joseph Atherley.... coincidence ???? I think it is a masterful stroke if the

BLP organized it this way on purpose !!!!

So the people of St. Michael West get to choose between a MINISTER and a


How about that... well if a THIEF can win an election... careful scrutiny

might find the electorate more affluent after election ?....does that make

any kind of sense ???.... WHY would the electorate want a THIEF to represent

them ????? I seem a bit confused.... doubtless my head will clear by

the night of January 20..... right now I am just behaving a little SILLY..

can I be excused..... thank you

Horrible Death Leaves Bajans In Shock


Killer Bandits attacked Veena Uttamchandani, slashed her throat and shot her

in the head... while robbing Mohan's minimart and souvenir shop in Hastings,

Christ Church.

Barbados is fast loosing it's reputation of being a safe place to live...

nobody feels safe when something like this happens.... the sheer

evil violence associated with this totally unprovoked attack... has everybody

in shock... and is bound to be an issue on the Political platforms at this

time.... the DLP has called "special meetings" to try and make political

milage out of the tragedy.... yet it was a DLP mouthpiece who suggested

that guns were legitimate tools for young people... by saying they should

NOT turn them in to the Police during the recent Amnesty that the

Attorney-General organized.

Right now, the Democratic Labor Party is a picture of CHAOS, CONTRADICTIONS

and DISORGANIZATION.... and in my opinion it will remain so, until this

David Thompson is replaced.... Shame on YOU, Mr. Thompson, for bringing this

great political party into disrepute... it is YOU who have defaced and

disgraced the memory of our great father, Errol Walton Barrow.

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