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Here is NEWS that was mailed to my readers on Nov 9, 1999:-

Nov 9, 1999

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In this Illustrious Issue, BAJAN NEWS and Mailbag Muddle


Swan Street Sand Sad Story

Did you know that Swan Street has turned into sand ?... whatever the
engineers are trying toaccomplish.. SAND is the main ingedient...
right now, walking up Swan Street is like walking on
a beach... and the merchants are not too pleased about it.

As I shopped, I observed the sad-plight of the minimum-wage workers....
whose job it is to sweep up sand from the floors of the stores...
only to have it instantly replaced by fresh sand, brought in on the feet
of patrons.

Incessantly sweeping SAND.... all day long... sweep, sweep, sweep...
a thankless and frustrating continuous chore.... I suppose the
merchants are determined that their establishments do not end up
in the same condition as the street.... and the sweepers have
mouths to feed, or some other pressing need.

Manager Manages to Maul Ms

Big-up white manager Jonathan Gittens of Balls Plantation,
Christ Church... General manager of WIMCAL Ltd.... remanded
to Glendairy after being accused of assault, occasioning actual
bodily harm to customs officer Carol Osbourne-Gibbons and theft
of a cellular phone worth $1000

In spite of his lawyer's pleas Magistrate Valton Bend, who waited
patiently until she was finished, before saying "You are remanded
into custody. Please take him away.".... was not moved.

The incident, which allegedly took place last friday night on the
ABC Highway.... had many Barbadians puzzled.... why would he do
something like that ?.. I'll give you a hint... it has nothing
to do with the fact that she is a customs officer.

I will give you the details of this case as it appears in the
Nation... and I will also report whatever appears in the
Investigator, Pudding an Souse or Flying Fish an Coucou.

My grapevine is already telling me the details... but I am not
publishing yet... I going keep you in suspense... make you read
de next issue as de drama unfolds !

Race Relations Raising a Rucus

Articles in Letters to the Editor.. David Gittens writes... Whites
being blamed unfairly... he says people living today cant be held
responsible for the transgressions of their antecedents he asks the
questions... in a nutshell... after all the public bad-mouthing and
sniping at whites... after the Nelson episode (he's still there to
this day... I dont think he will be moving anytime soon) and the
failure of Governemnt to name a "white" national hero...
Does anyone really expect whites to come to a Reconcilliation
Committee hearing?.. he asks and he answers it hinmself..
NO. They are not going to be there. And everybody knows the real
reason, although no one is forthright enough to say it.... well
I am not sure I agree with that comment, David, would you
care to tell my readers ??... I am sure some of them would like
to know the real reason... and surely YOU are forthright enough
to say it out LOUD... just send me a note and I publish !

then we have....  Stop all the Race talk, Please.... an article
by Marlene C. Daniels... I dont know if she is black or white but
does it really matter ? it's just an opinion... she says in a
nutshell... that by the leaders condoning race talk, the country
is harmed.... race hate is inspired... particularly by the black
orators in Barbados... and this talk is "dangerous and retroactive".

now for the comments of your Enlightened Editor (that's me in case
you didn't realize).. 

I made it quite clear that black people are to this very day
discriminated against by every race INCLUDING their own !... an
it is quite amusing to see that whites in this country, who have
been accustomed to respect tantamount to worship... feel "so upset"
with all the race talk.... WHY ?

Could it be guilt ?  naw.. since "they cant be held responsible for
the transgressions of their antecedents"... that cant be it.

Could it be fear ? fear that they will be relegated to second class
citizens... if black economic enfranchisement becomes a reality... 
wha happen ? cant tek what ya give ?... but you claim you
aint givin nothing !... you claim you love black people!... you
claim you abhor the "acts of 'other whites in times gone by'"!...
well if that is true INTEGRATE, ASSOCIATE and STOP thinking
of yourself as "white"... change your MENTALITY.... else you
are a LIAR !

It may come as a big shock to you white folk but most of the
"black orators" have a lot of respect for white people.... but
NOT their Apartheid ideology, superiority complex and domination
attitude... it is NOT the color of the skin that is causing the
problem... it is the MENTALITY
... and the "us against them" philosophy

I am viewed as a racist... by white people... I suppose they think
I am a "traitor".. but if that is what they think either they are
not reading my letters properly or THEY are the ones with the race
problem.. and the "complexes".

Hear me now... READ the words of Beres Hammond's song..

"Either you're IN or OUT... I don't know what you're all about..
be BOLD and STRONG.. tell yourself you're not doing wrong... once
you're in you gotta take it... make your mind up son and face it...

I know lots of folks will hate you and not because they want too..
but sometimes they don't even know why... so don't watch the crowd,
your duty is to be LOUD... believe in what you're doing and feel
proud... cause when you fall along the way people will have lots to
say... they don't really care if you make it through the day."

that should tell you how I think.... sight.
So you people that tired of my Racial Reality Reporting.... that is
the NUMBER ONE topic in Barbados  right now... so either you want
the LATEST BAJAN NEWS or you do not.. it's as simple as that.

Here is part of the reply from the lady who thinks I "attacked" her
in the last Newsletter:

>As for you going to "buse me upside down" is that a threat? because I
>believe that is against the law, did projectkid inform you of that too?
>I also am a fan of the Barbados Photo Gallery when it is exactly that
>PHOTOS and not all the talk about white people.

>I did not say that you were not doing right to fellow human beings
>because you didn't answer in less than a week, it is because you are
>constantly blaming the white man for black mans problems. You are a

>I am not asking you to right all the wrongs of the human race all I am
>asking is that you  remember that blacks are not the only people with
>problems and that have been wronged if you were a Christian you would
>understand that. We should find good in all races and try to make better
>of all races, but if we fail it is not the fault of another race!! I
>understand that this is a BAJAN newsletter but do you have to HATE WHITE
>PEOPLE because of that?

>I am not trying to trivialize the horrors and degradation of the black
>also STRONGLY feel that alot of blacks use this to their advantage why
>else are they still in the same predicament?  Why are so many BLACK men
>leaving their pregant wives or girlfriends? Why are so many black men
>killing each other over drugs?  Why are there so many black male and
>female gangs now that feel it is right to carry a weapon?  My son had a
>BLACK BOY at his school ask him what colour he was my son answered that
>he was black, the boy turned to his friends and laughed and said "you
>aint no real black man cause you would have you a tool" what does that
>mean Stephen? and dont say that is one boy because there are alot of
>"boys" that feel the same way!!!  If you feel that I am degrading blacks
>just out of curiosity, who cleans your house and what colour is she?

>As for the Jews having God almighty to protect them yes they did but so
>did the blacks and still do!!!  but... you have to find HIM he will not
>find YOU!!!  Yes the Jews are a prosperous people and good for them, are
>you suggesting that because they are doing well for them selves we
>should erase what happened to them?  Blacks can do well for themselves
>also but it is blacks bringing down blacks!!!  I am not saying that
>white man doesn't do anything to bring down blacks OF COURSE THEY DO,
>and these people are not Christians and will be punished for their

>I am not trivializing or brushing aside the sufferings of a race of
>people who are treated globally as if they are the most inferior of all
>races, If they feel they are inferior than DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!! 
>There are black maids in the West Indies working hard in the scalding
>heat day after day to earn a few dollars a week only to see their girl
>child end up doing the same, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT I AM!!!

She asks a lot of provocative questions.... I could spend the rest of
the evening replying but I am not going to.... she said she never wants
to hear from me again... maybe some of my readers would like to answer
her questions... I will print the answers if you request it.

My wife cleans my house... and she is a WHITE woman... but if I did
employ a black maid would that mean I was degrading black people ????
Black people employ black maids too !.. that  argument is really very
silly.... and totally illogical... unfortunately it is typical of the
MENTALITY I was talking about earlier... her reply simply confims much
of what I have said.

Here is an excerpt from another email I received:

>I have tussled back this black and white thing in my head for a long
>time.  Being of bi-racial decent - mother black bajan and father white
>canadian has always kept me involved. I have never had any true loyalty
>to the white man because they have never had any to me - (referring to
>my white family).  I was raised by my black family in Barbados and
>only know black people, so my culture is the black culture and there
>is where my loyalty lies! 

This is an all too common situation... the white family distancing their
black relatives... am I not telling the truth ???... and it will be these
same white people that will not want any racial discussion to go on...
because if you are talking about race... then you are a RACIST. because
only RACISTS talk about race... but I beg to differ... it is the ones
who keep silent and NEVER talk about race... who are the real RACISTS
that you need to look out for.

I gone .... fa now

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