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Here is NEWS that was mailed to my readers in May:-

May 3, 1998


We celebrated HERO'S DAY on Tuesday... with tribute to ten of
 our distiguished heroes
.... the paper's give their life stories and contributions...
 maybe I can get my wife to type it in for the website...
 I hate too much typing :)

Anyway... I do have some pictures to share with you... please be patient.

The names of the Honoured Ones..

Sir Grantley Adams
The brave slave - Bussa
Sarah Ann Gill
Samuel Jackman Prescod
Sir Hugh Springer
Sir Frank Walcott
Man of the people - Errol Walton Barrow
Charles Duncan O'neal
Clement Payne
Sir Garfield Sobers

May 11, 1998


The doctors are back to work... they got what they wanted...
 new posts have been created at the hospital... so now is the time to get
 sick... before something else disturbs them.

A 12 year old girl stabbed her mother in the back several times... after
 an argument... so the papers have been talking about "parent abuse"....
 it makes a change from the usual "child abuse" they have been harping on
 for years... the whole subject of "conflict resolution" has been taken to
 new heights.... with special groups set-up to handle counselling , etc....
 but the children just ain't taking no sh__ from nobody these days... they
 are just mirroring the wider society.... the television.... the world as
 a whole.... can we blame them ???

An argument has errupted over the demolition of an historic archway at the
 prestigeous Sandy Lane Hotel... you may remember... I told you they were
 knocking down the island's best multi-million dollar hotel... to build an
 even more expensive (multi-billion ?:)) and more luxurious new hotel....
 the perfectly good archway... is to be demolished... and a new one... not
 too different from the old one constructed... in practically the same place
 !!!!!! Can you tell me the sense of that ???
As a grassroots Bajan... living in a rather dilapidated, small house... and
 struggling to survive under the constantly RISING prices of basic
 necessities... I am totally amazed at what the rich people do with their

May 19, 1998


Still problems at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital... now they are calling
 for an investigation into the "goings on" there...and the poor people
 suffer... one woman had to wait 9 hours for her critically ill
 four-month-old baby to see a doctor !! will the baby live ?? who knows ??

Big bassa bassa... because a CEO of an American company told the FBI he
 paid $150,000 to a Barbados official, as kickback, to induce him to buy
 equipment for a Government department to the tune of $3,000,000... Do you
 know an HONEST politician ??... It's a worldwide problem... now Government
 will be OBLIGATED to have an "Investigation" (at taxpayers' expense
 naturally) to try to determine if it is true and make it look as though
 they are trying to "clean up" their house... and all the while the poor
 man gets poorer... do they really CARE about the poor ?... nonsense... the
 poor are taxed to the limit in this country... it's called "widening the
 tax net"...

May 27, 1998


$13000000 Golf course for Durants site in Christ Church...
 my only comment is... I hope some of those millions are going to
 provide some assistance to our already overburdened WATER RESOURCES...
 it ain't right for Bajans to see sprinklers going on Golf courses...
 and no water coming from the taps in their homes !!!!

QEH seems to have found a drug to help AIDS patients....
 given the rising number of AIDS cases in Barbados... this is GOOD news...
 about the only "good" news for the week

Authorities are once again all concerned about the lack or morals...
 the violent attitude of the islands school children... the local
 drug scene...and have set up a "Social Services" commitee to find out
 why children "go bad"... can you believe that ?... suppose they have
 to do something...

Recent news from the school scene...

20 children from first to fifth form at one of the islands secondary
 schools... discovered to be in a drug ring... even selling the stuff
 at Sunday School... and their parents needed to be treated for shock !

Fifth form students at another school wrote graffiti in vile language
  about a teacher in a classroom.

A student attacked a teacher at another school.

A 6 year old girl attempted to jump off a balcony at a school.

And on Friday evening a violent brawl errupted in Bridgetown between
 the students of several schools.

Why is everyone so suprised ????? FOR YEARS... nothing but violence is
 glorified on television, movies and in the children's CARTOONS... and
 in the media and the MUSIC that people listen to... EVERYTHING sends
 the clear message... it is cool to be a "BAD boy"... "a RUDE boy"...
 ALL ADULT SOCIETY has now adopted the attitude....

"Don't take no s___ from NOBODY !" ..... a-la RAMBO style...

Now the youngsters get into the act... and their parents need to be
 treated for shock !!... imagine that..

Todays children are educated beyond their years... thanks to hi-tech
 tecnological force-feeding.. and are far from "innocent"..

You want to know why ADULT drug-pushers and child molesters are so
 successful with children... I will tell you why...

THEY TAKE THE TIME... to become part of the childrens world... to
 listen to them... to identify with them... the children accept them
 into their society... while their PARENTS get on with their own
 lives !

I can speak with authority... most of my "friends" are teenagers...
 part of me NEVER GREW UP... I run with the younger crowd... and it
 never ceases to amaze me... that most ADULTS around me, do not really
 seem to be able to REMEMBER... how they thought and felt when they were
 children... because if they did, they would never be able to behave
 towards children the way they do..

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