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March 18, 1985:
Winston Hall and Errol Bradshaw jump from a prison van in Oistins Police
Station. Both men were awaiting arraignment for the murder of plantation
owner Cyril Sisnett.

August 29, 1985:
Hall escapes a police dragnet at Frizers Hill, St. Joseph.

October 1985:
4 policemen suspended after being charged with assaulting Hall's brother
during an investigation to determine Hall's whereabouts.

November 7, 1989:
Hall is spotted by Vincentian police aboard a cruise liner on the Grenadine
island of Mayreau. He is taken into custody and returned to Barbados.

November 8, 1989:
Hall is charged with another murder, that of Gerald Palmer, proprietor of
Clifton Hall Plantation.

November 9, 1989:
Hall appears before Magistrate Theodore Walcott in the District "F" court,
to answer for 2 charges of breaking and entering.

November 14, 1989:
Vincentian police claim the reward money for Hall should go to their police

November 24, 1989:
Hall is charged with escaping legal custody on March 18, 1985.

January 31, 1990:
Hall is found guilty of the murder of plantation owner Cyril Sisnett, and
sentenced to hang by Mr. Justice Errol Chase.

September 5, 1991:
Hall, Peter Bradwhaw, David Oliver and Denzil Roberts break out from their
maximum security cells at Glendairy Prison.

November 26, 1991:
A commission of inquiry into the jailbreak opens, headed by Sir Frederick
Smith. He rules there is a drastic need for change in security at Glendairy.

May 11, 1998:
Police in Trinidad and Tobago take a man giving his name as Tony Prophet
into custody concerning a case of alleged arson.

June 25, 1998:
Trinidadian police contact Barbadian law enforcement officials after Prophet
told them he had an uncle who lived in Suriname, St. Joseph...
named Grantley Hall.

June 26, 1998:
The NATION (best newspaper on earth) breaks the story that Trinidadian
police might have Hall in Point Fortin jail. Fingerprints are sent to
Trinidad and Hall's identity is confirmed.

July 18, 1998:
Hall is returned to Barbados under heavy guard and with much fanfare
and publicity

August 17, 1998:
Hall has his death sentence quashed by
the Privy Council and commuted to life imprisonment.

Hall was being escorted to have his morning bath by two junior prison
officers when he suddenly pushed them aside and bolted. He made his
way through a crowd of prisoners who were playing football in the yard,
jumped onto a roof, then onto te gallows (you thought I was mekking
sport !)... then onto the barbed wire wall, laced with razor ribbon...
and finally the 30 foot jump to the gully below. A Prison Association
meeting was in progress at the time and one of the officers saw Hall on
the security camera... going over the Nothern section of the wall. The
alarm was sounded but by the time security personnel reached the spot...
Hall was long gone.


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