March 2007 Exhibition

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The return to Mount Hillaby (I was told that I had not yet found the highest point)... in the photos below you can see the pillar marking the official spot... I placed my GPS next to it, so you can see the co-ordinates... my altimeter read 1081 ft. which is lower than it should be... perhaps Barbados has sunk or maybe the sea has risen.... I will perform a more accurate calibration and return there someday perhaps.

While on top of the mountain.... I engaged in some nature photography.... and was drawn to a barrel that turned out to be a beehive.... the bees were coming and going through a circular hole in the side.... they seemed friendly to me, so I photographed them !

On Friday, I went flying in the helicopter.... after following the highway up Mapp Hill... we went to St.Philip...

I also photograph weddings... wont you let me be your wedding photographer ?.... below is a romantic seaside wedding that took place on 20 Nov 2006...

Finally... here is a photo of the Orion Great Nebula.... I took this at "prime focus" through my C6-RGT Refractor... this is a single exposure (WITHOUT noise reduction) at ISO 1600 for 40 seconds.... "amazing for a first attempt" according to John Siers, Amateur Astronomer, Oakland, Tennessee, U.S.A.

I am the best.... so call me... 246-266-8027 or 246-230-4818 and arrange your photoshoot... and have a pleasant day !

Sincerely Yours,
Stephen Mendes

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